My parents gave me my first polaroid camera when I was very young. What started out as a hobby has grown into a lifelong love affair with lifestyle, landscape and digital fine art photography. 

It's hard to describe the passion I feel when I have a camera in my hand. A camera is only a tool, but I use it to transfer the image I see in my minds eye to the printed page, much like the brush is to the painter.  I think I see differently than most.....always have. Hard to explain. I like to give significance to the insignificant. My 'eye' never sleeps...I'm always searching for the insignificant among the everyday .... to give them a 'voice' for a split second. I think my photos do least I try.

Take a look through my portfolio and galleries and see if something catches your eye that you find inspirational.... something that moves you.... that could grace the walls of your place of employment or that wonderful place you call home!