Nancy Hebert Photography - Commissioned Fine Art Paintings

Imagine your favorite photo turned into a digital oil or watercolor painting masterpiece on canvas or print!  I am now offering, on a limited basis (only 2-3 per month), commissioned fine art paintings as a service to my clients.  It makes a classic art gift for your loved one(s).

These original works of art are digitally hand painted by me from your digital file as reference.  A simple snapshot can become a timeless work of art.

This is not a Photoshop filter or other digital trick, it is real hand painted art.

Prices (Canvas Gallery Wraps only) include the artist’s fee for the creation of the digital drawing and the production of the finished product that you will receive.

Prices (Prints) do not include the artist's fees for the creation of the digital drawing. Prints are an 'add on' to your Canvas Gallery Wrap order. Your order must contain a Canvas Gallery Wrap in order to add on Prints.


Q.  What sort of subject can you use for the digital painting?

A.  People, pets, houses, landscapes, still life, cars, boats, etc.  I can paint almost anything that you send in a digital file. Your photo must be good quality and in focus.

Q.  How do I order canvas gallery wraps and what sizes can I order?

A.  Once your painting is completed (2-3 weeks) I will send you a link to your gallery where you can order your canvas gallery wraps and/or prints. Canvas gallery wraps are shipped ready to hang on your wall. Prints can be mounted and framed before shipping.

Sizes available for Canvas Gallery Wraps (see below): 10 x 10 up to 24 x 36, depending on the quality/resolution of the original digital file.  The larger the megapixel of the original file, the larger the canvas/print that can be ordered.

Q.  Where do I send the digital file I want you to paint?

A.  Send your original, full-size digital file (not compressed) in an email to [email protected] and put “Commissioned Artwork” in the subject line.  Also please include your contact information, ie. Name, address and phone number.

Q.  I have questions.  Who can I talk to?

A.  Please email me with any questions and/or your desire to have a commissioned piece of artwork done. Email at: [email protected]


Size                              Canvas Gallery Wraps

10 x 10                                    $166.00

11 x 14                                    $210.00

16 x 16                                    $241.00

16 x 20                                    $275.00          

16 x 24                                    $300.00 

20 x 20                                    $316.00                     

20 x 24                                    $330.00

24 x 30                                    $450.00

24 x 36                                    $500.00


Size                                        Print Order - add on's. (your order must contain a Canvas Gallery Wrap first)

5 x 5                                      $15.00

5 x 7                                      $20.00

8 x 10                                    $40.00

10 x 10                                  $50.00

11 x 14                                  $80.00

12 x 12                                  $100.00

16 x 20                                  $216.00

16 x 24                                  $241.00

20 x 20                                  $241.00

20 x 24                                  $266.00

20 x 30                                  $342.00

24 x 36                                  $606.00